Ideal future of Miyako Island

clean 1. Clean ocean that grows healthy coral reefs
ocean 2. Nurse many groups of fish and other sea creatures
  3. Enjoy marine activities safely
  4. Produce lots of fresh sea food
beautiful 1. Clean, beautiful beaches where people can relax
beaches 2. Trash-free with no drifting debris
coral reefs 1. Conserve the current abundance of coral reefs
2. Maintain a healthy marine ecosystem
endangered plants 1. Protect the currently endangered plants and trees that surrounds Miyako Island
2. Plant more trees
endangered animals 1. Preserve the nature to create more homes for endangered species
2. Preserve nature from land developments and damages from agricultural chemicals.
Miyako dialects 1. Preserve Miyako dialects that are important to their culture
2. Teach younger generations so they could continue to maintain their island’s dialect
local vegetables 1. Get more children to eat local vegetables in creative and delicious meals
2. Get more knowledge on the uses of each vegetation such as their nutritional or medical purposes
cultures & traditions 1. Keep records of cultural/traditional events to pass down to future generation to preserve the island’s culture
helping each other 1. Follow the principles of “mutual help and care” to make Miyako Island a safe and peaceful place
2. Work together to prevent any future problems and accidents
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